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Hair Oil. Without Compromise.
(natural hair oil).

Clean Luxury Beauty: Ches Editions

CHES Editions was born of a deep and personal commitment to the power that 100% Natural Beauty holds together with an expertise of natural hair oils and plant-based ingredients to create the very best organic hair oils that target Hydration, Growth and Shine...and over a decade's worth of experience in Luxury.


We are Luxury without Compromise.

Creators of the world's finest Clean Oil-centric Beauty & Lifestyle (THE ULTIMATE OIL FOR HAIR) our Natural Hair Oil Editions intelligently blend only the highest-grade organic essential oils and plant-based ingredients to maximise effectivity whilst having 0 synthetic ingredients.

THE ULTIMATE OIL FOR HAIR (Edition 29 & Edition 11) is one of the best organic hair oils in the world; created with the highest-grade, most effective and powerful plant-based ingredients replacing the need for silicone yet producing a formula that is non-greasy, divinely scented and highly effective.

We’re making Luxury pure; one sensual Edition at a time.

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