The Ultimate Oil - Edition 11


Hair Growth




Edition 11 is particularly potent in stimulating natural hair growth as well as promoting overall nourishment. An excellent protector of dry, split ends, it works well on finer hair-types too.


Please note, that whilst the current box reads 'for men', Edition 11 is entirely unisex and fundamentally formulated towards growth and deep conditioning. It is our most potent formula so if you want to fulfill the above targets, this is the Edition to choose.

The Ultimate Oil - Edition 11

  • 50ml


    The Ultimate Oil is Hair's Hero product. It is the most effective and intelligently formulated 100% Natural Oil for Healthy Hair. Its non-greasy and beautifully textured base formula comprises a combination of the highest-grade, organic essential oils together with vegetable-derived ingredients blended specifically to target deep conditioning. With ZERO synthetic ingredients, it works with your hair, over time, to make it the best it can be (and rivals most salon-grade serums to boot!).


    100% Natural and Vegan.