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'I had a dream...that I was swathed in Oil that felt like silk, smelt like Perfume from the fields of Grasse; seeped in Nature with no departure from Luxury - to be one of a kind, pure, sensual, THE ULTIMATE.'


CHES: creators of the world’s finest Clean Perfume & Oil-centric Beauty & Lifestyle (THE ULTIMATE OIL: 100% Natural Nourishment for Hair).


Inspired by romantic ideals and old-world, artisanal Perfumery, each of our creations have their own ‘Edition’; differentiating scent and purpose.


The focus is: 100% effective and intelligently blended formulations using what truly are the most beautiful, sumptuous and pure ingredients - Made in England.


CHES Editions aims to be the first sincerely Luxury brand that is simultaneously 100% Natural - and is proud to stand up to its mainstream friends without compromise on performance and aesthetic and ZERO synthetic ingredients!


We’re making Luxury pure; one sensual Edition at a time.

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