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The Ultimate Oil for Hair Edition 29 Ches Editions
  • Award-Winning
  • Formulated from the Highest-Grade (effective) organic oils
  • Patented Base Oil plant derivative replaces 'silicones'
  • Improves Hair longterm, naturally
  • Growth and Moisture


Edition 29 of award-winning The Ultimate Oil for Hair by Ches Editions is a powerful and versatile 100% natural hair treatment oil. Beautiful and super luxurious, our award-winning organic and vegan hair oil is formulated from an intelligent and power-packed blend of highest-grade growth and hydrator oils including rosemary, argan and pumpkin-seed together with a patended, plant-based silicones alternative that actually repairs texture and promotes growth together with all natural ingredients that improves hair's health and promotes hydration and shine.


Edition 29 of The Ultimate Oil for Hair is non-greasy and has a serum feel that leaves no residue. Edition 29 of The Ultimate Hair Oil not only improves your hair's health and revitalises from root-to-tip, it also serves as a more intensive treatment for hair that has been through stressors (such as hair loss, colour damage and much more).


You can use Edition 29 as a gentle daily treatment too: to smooth and protect split ends and to help with styling (which is particularly effective for coarse or frizzier hair types). It is suitable for all Hair Types and can be used on wet or dry hair. This is hair's hero whether in the summer sun, winter cold; in-between styling, for damaged or colour-treated hair or for healthy hair that just wants some additional love and nourishment to keep it that way. This is The Ultimate Oil for Hair.


Did we mention that Edition 29 also behaves as a luxurious hair perfume: it smells absolutely divine with its top formula of the most luxurious and beautiful scent oils (and zero synthetic fragrance of course)? So your hair can smell as good as it looks.


Use as an overnight treatment from root-to-tip to promote healthy growth and deeply nourish the hair; as a daily addition to your routine just on the ends to ward off unsightly dry or split-ends or on wet hair to soften, shine or pre-styling.


Best for: All Hair Types 

The Ultimate Oil for Hair Edition 29 (50ml)

  • 50ml


    The Ultimate Oil is Hair's Hero product. It is the most effective and intelligently formulated 100% Natural Oil for Healthy Hair. Its non-greasy and beautifully textured base formula comprises a combination of the highest-grade, organic essential oils together with vegetable-derived ingredients blended specifically to target deep conditioning. With ZERO synthetic ingredients, it works with your hair, over time, to make it the best it can be (and rivals most salon-grade serums to boot!).


    100% Natural and Vegan. 




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